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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Holy Holy Holy Prayer Loft

These are photos of the left and right sides of the Holy Holy Holy Prayer Loft.

This one is kind of a mix of the Throne of God on the left side and the Tabernacle on the right side. We felt they worked together since the Tabernacle was an earthly representation of God's throne in Heaven. On the left side the Throne is the focal point on the right it is the Menorah.

Each prayer loft has numerous hands on prayer activities. Our hope is that people will take one or two things and spend some time connecting with God through them. The following week they can try some of the others.

Each activity or element has signage to help explain how to use them in worship and prayer.  In our service there is a time during the worship that allows for people to more around to various locations if they want to. Some will stay stand and sing along others will experience various activities.  The worship leader will generally give an overview of the various things around the room. There is a prayer wall where people can write or pray for prayer request. There is the prayer loft and its activities, there is an are where you can receive personal prayer. Plus there is communion. In our congregation many people sit at the cafe tables and we have begun to try and add some of the prayer loft activities on the tables for people who are not comfortable yet moving around the room during the worship time.

There is only one rule - don't disturb the worship of others. Its not a time to chat and visit. It is a time to meet with God in deep ways.

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